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'From Pastures Green to your Ice Cream'

We take pride in all the ice creams we serve to you ensuring we deliver with the highest standard using locally sourced products where we can. If you have any special requests when booking us for an event, such as vegan ice cream, or a specific flavour you have in mind we are more than happy to accommodate for this, just get in touch and we can talk through any requirements you may have. 

Alongside an extensive range of ice cream brands and flavours, we also have a variety of cones to choose from ranging from luxury waffle cones, to standard Flake 99 cones.

Bennetts Logo

From the 1890’s to the present day Bennetts Ice Creams have accumulated over 100 years of family history in the dairying, farming and ice cream making business. Tradition and an uncompromising commitment to quality are the bedrock of their values.


Chris and Tristan, the farmer Bennetts, tend a herd of over 240 Holstein/ Friesian cows at Manor Farm in Worcestershire. In the summer months, the cows are set out to graze on our luscious pastures, set between the rivers Severn and Teme.

The cows are milked twice a day, and the creamiest and freshest morning milk is then collected, pasteurised and turned into delicious ice cream within 24 hours.

All their calves are hand-reared and nurtured by the family, ready to become the next generation of happy, contented cows.

We offer Vanilla, Mint Choc Chip, Strawberry, Chocolate, Toffee, Rum & Raisin and Cherry flavours, all served in a cone of your choice.

Founded by John Cadbury in Birmingham 1824, Cadbury Chocolate has grown to become the seconds largest confectionary company in the world operating in over 50 countries world wide. 

Aside from iconic chocolate brands they have produced over the years, they also are the creators of possibly the most iconic ice cream in the UK, the Flake 99. For our Flake 99's we use genuine Cadbury's flakes so you can enjoy this timeless classic with confidence of maximum flavour. 

Cadbury logo
Walls Logo

Founded in 1922 Wall's established themselves as one of the UK's top ice cream retailers by selling via mobile ice cream stands called 'Stop me, try me' tricycles in London. 

As time marched on, Wall’s found the freezer space in people’s hearts, homes and in cinemas all over town. Fruity Wall’s ice lollies popped up next and began a flurry of innovation. Wall's got busy and dreamt up some of the most famous and best loved Wall’s products like the Twister, and oddballs like the Feast.


At M&M Ices we stock some of Walls' most iconic ice creams for you to enjoy. This includes six Magnum Flavours, Twisters, Solero's, Mini Milks, Calippo's and Feast's. 

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